logitech wireless g930 gaming headset

Logitech Wireless G930

This Logitech G930 Headset is for the dedicated game player.  This headset delivers a fast wireless connection so you can level up without being tied down. Add 7.1 surround sound, three programmable G-keys and a comfortable, adjustable fit and you’ve got everything you need to win. Let nothing stand between you and victory with a lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless connection that lets you move freely away from your computer. Explosions, footsteps, incoming fire, passing vehicles, team-member commands – you hear it all in 7.1 surround sound. With three programmable G-keys, you’ve got one-touch control over in-game elements like music, chat and voice morphing.  This headset is ONLY for use with a PC.


Comfort–It goes without saying that just being able to move around and not be tied to anything is a great convenience.  The snug fitting ear cups do good job keeping the bass in and outside sound out as well.  The headphone cups can tilt about thirty degrees and swivel ninety degrees inward to conform to anyone’s head perfectly.  The attached small boom mic is attached to the side of the left headphone and rests vertically when you’re not using it.

Usage–The G930 headset software works well.  Installation is a snap, and once the drivers are installed the headset can be plugged in and used immediately.  Users should open up the settings window and fiddle around, however, since there are a number of cool features within.

The headset can be configured with individual volume levels for each of the physical drivers as well as simulated 7.1 surround speakers. The tone can be further tweaked via equalization (EQ) filters. There’s also a battery meter built into the settings dialog that gives users estimated times for both use and charge.  The 6 settings from which you can choose on the Logitect engine are troll, mutant, alien, giant, cyborg, and space squirrel.  Although not all of them are equally clear, just having more than one choice is great.  Audio quality is fantastic, with the virtualized Dolby Pro Logic II 7.1 surround providing convincing effects in games and media.

Gaming headset immersive surround sound

Immersive 7.1 Surround Sound

Microphone–Logitech has successfully created a noise-canceling microphone like advertised. Folks, you’ll just have to try it out for yourself because it not only delivers crystal clear audio to your source, but it does so as if you’re talking on a very high-end cellular device. What’s even scarier is that not only does it work well in a gaming situation, but it also works well over Skype and VOIP.

Conclusion– Obviously a great design, comfortable and solid build quality and silly voice effects are pointless if the performance can’t deliver. That’s no problem, though, because the G930 delivers on its promises and then some. The Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 is a very nice headset with no wires that suffers from no noticeable lag and works for everything from gaming to watching movies. The G930 isn’t cheap, but the good stuff rarely is.


Being something of a gamer, I wanted a headset that would deliver. Having been extremely pleased with the HS800 Fata1ty headset made by the same company, I was hoping that by splashing out extra on a really nice pair of headphones, I would get the visceral and intense gaming experience that I wanted.


Comfort–With regards to the build of the headset, it is incredibly comfortable.  The leather ear cups are delightful and easily adjustable on the head size front. It sits there so nicely, you may only really notice a little discomfort when removing it because your ears have become so comfortable. The ear cups also cut out background noise dramatically, so that’s another good point.  This headset can be worn for many hours of playing without any discomfort.  The cups swivel well so the headset, instead of pulling your ears off when you try to remove it,  just glides.

Usage–This headset comes with stuff to install. Admittedly it takes only a few minutes, but it’s a hassle if you want to use a friend’s computer or like me you use two computers and need to switch the headset between them. It’s not the sort of plug in and play experience that is most desirable. Switch it across mid game, or even mid Youtube video and it may not switch to be the default audio device.  The software allows large amount of customization which will take an hour of fiddling with to get right.  The sound quality was very nice and the bass is great but may have to be toned down a bit.  It had shortcomings by perhaps highlighting weaknesses in audio; if the sound quality of the piece is bad, the headset amplified the discord.  When using Skype or VOIP any background noise seems to be amplified.

gaming headset voice FX silencer

VoiceFX Silencer

Microphone–The mic is pretty flimsy and not the easiest to adjust; an articulated option is preferable in that regard. It seems sturdy and the cable is a single cable the whole way down, so no dangers of ripping it in the usual way on most headphones (the junction where it goes from headphones/mic into a single cable).  Voice effects can be fun, but the ‘Silencer’ to eliminate background noise can become annoying.  This microphone is detachable which is a nice feature.

In summary, the Creative HS-1100 Sound Blaster seems to be a good value for the price if you’re looking for a headset with a few more features.


With the G330, Logitech delivers a comfortable headset with moderately high sound quality. I would definitely recommend this product provided you’re willing to spend the cash, which is considerably high for a wired headset.


Comfort—This set of behind-the-head headphones are adjustable.  This is a welcome addition for most.  Those with larger heads are able to use this type of headset without discomfort.  For me with my extra small head, however, I have trouble keeping them in place because I can’t make them small enough.  Another issue is a slight discomfort is the sharpness where they hang on your ears.  Although the pert of the mechanism that wraps around my ears pushed my glasses into my head, I could see how these could be comfortable for someone else.  The foam covering the ears is soft and the ear pieces pivot slightly for different types of ears.

Usage—The cord connecting the headset has a control box for volume control and muting.  That control box can be attached to your clothing with a belt-clip and it is very light weight.  The headset has stereo jack to plug directly into your sound card as well as a USB adapter.  Windows makes this your default sound device so you hear your game audio through the headphones and voices through your PC speakers.  That can be swapped around with some chan

Gaming Headset Logitech 330

Logitech 330 Box

ges to your devices in windows.

Microphone—The microphone is top quality.  The recorded sound is clear and defined—better than the usual Xbox Live headsets.  There is no adapter, however to turn it into a mono headset for use with Xbox Live.

In summary, I think the Logitech G330 Gaming Headsets can be worth the roughly $40 price tag.

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